Unleash Your Talents and Discover Your Purpose Breakthrough Program

For women who want to discover their life purpose, unique calling and create the work they love.

Do you want to get clarity on your life purpose, unique calling, find a new direction, create a new vision for yourself and create work that reflects who you truly are? Well, you CAN. “Unleash Your Talents and Discover Your Life Purpose Breakthrough Coaching Program” was specifically designed to help you clarify your purpose, unique calling, find a new direction and create a new vision so you can start to create the work you love and were born to do. It is a 5 week program, you will have private coaching every week for 60 minutes by phone or skype.  We will explore and clarify your unique personal design in detail, create a profile and do a strengths assessment.  You will learn how to find clues to your life’s purpose so that your unique calling becomes clearer, you will find out what your core values are, assess who you truly are and find out what obstacles are standing in your way so you can move through them, you will develop a purpose statement, get clarity on your mission in life, create a new vision along with new goals and next steps.  If you are ready to discover your purpose, unique calling and create the work you were born to do, this this is the place to start.

Ready to take the next step?  Set up a complimentary 30 minute “Unleash Your Talents breakthrough” consultation with me, to talk about your goals and what’s been getting in your way and if I can help you, we will talk about how.  Click here to schedule an appointment.