Vesna is a Certified Positive Psychology Coach and a Certified Professional Life Coach whose mission is to empower women to discover, use and monetize their talents and find their purpose.

Before life coaching, she worked in marketing and sales in several different industries.  While she was successful at and enjoyed all of them, she felt that something was missing and there had to be more and that’s when she started to research to find out what that more was.  Her research led to finding her own inspiring business in life coaching and to the development of a coaching program called:  Unleash Your Talents and Discover Your Purpose Breakthrough Program.  A program specifically geared towards women who want to discover their life purpose and bring together their talents and passions and create the work they love.  She found her life purpose and voice in coaching and is now making it her life’s mission to make sure that every woman knows how valuable her talents are and to recognize and monetize them so she can become a fully self-expressed, happy, creative and abundant woman.

She is very sensitive to this journey and deeply understands it because she has been there.  So she has found a way to shorten and jumpstart this process for women so they can navigate their way to their life’s purpose and unique calling and get there quicker instead of circling around the issue for years.