Deep Dive VIP Intensive I & II

“Deep Dive” VIP 1 Intensive

For women who want support and accountability to work on creating their life’s vision at an accelerated, intensive pace, when they want it.

This is a three hour intensive session where we do a “deep dive” in one session as opposed to weekly sessions.  we will create goals and a step-by- step plan but in a shorter amount of time.

“Deep Dive” VIP II Intensive

For women who want to do the work necessary to get clear on their life’s purpose, unique calling, get a new direction and create a new vision so they can start creating the business they love, at an accelerated, intensive pace, in a shorter time period.

We will meet for 4 hours and do a deep dive into your personal design in detail, you will learn how to find clues to your life’s purpose, your unique calling, you will find out what your core values are and who you truly are, and find out what obstacles are standing in your way so you can move through them, you will develop a life purpose statement and get clarity on your mission in life, create a new vision along with new goals and next steps.

Ready to take the next step?  Set up a complimentary 30 minute “Unleash Your Talents breakthrough” consultation with me, to talk about your goals and what’s been getting in your way and if I can help, we’ll talk about how.  Click here to schedule an appointment.